It’s a New Day in Texas!

Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick are now officially serving the Great State of Texas! They laid out a strongly conservative agenda with emphasis on securing the Texas border, school choice, lowering property taxes and having taxes for roads actually going to roads! From what it looks like, our strong conservative leaders intend to bring people together and limit the role of government, while protecting us against the over-reaches of the Federal government.

2014 was an historic election and Republicans won at the top of the ticket with a greater than twenty (20) percentage point lead. Texans, particularly East Texans, spoke loudly that they want conservative leadership and our new governor has renewed his vow to do our bidding according to our wishes. As, Lt. Governor Patrick quoted in his inaugural address, “It’s a new day in Texas!” and we need to get to the hard work of engaging our legislators to get excellent legislation passed!

We will be getting back to normal in our meetings and efforts to rein in our government. I urge you to find out what Republic an club best meets your needs and concerns and to get involved!

We thank you for visiting the Smith County Republican Party website and invite you to  check out our Facebook page, Smith County Republican Party -TX, for even more info! Also, please sign up for our quarterly e-letter on the right side of this page!  If you want to become involved politically, now is definitely the time! You can work as little or as much as you’d like! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter on the right where you can receive updates every month or two. Perhaps you’d like to work in your own neighborhood, then let us know and we’ll connect you with your precinct chairman or if you don’t have one, then maybe even become one! If interested in volunteering, please contact our County Chairman, Tim McCormick by e-mail at chairman@smithgop.org to let us know!

Our Executive Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at our headquarters on S. Broadway, across from Arby’s in the shopping center with Jessica’s Spa and Mary’s Alterations. Feel free to drop by and meet us there! Also, look at our club page and find the Republican club in Smith County that best fits your interests. Thanks for visiting us.

When you get involved, you will make a difference!

May this Christmas be a time of blessing to you and your family.


Tim McCormick
County Chairman

Please take a moment to view the following video by Louisana State Senator Elbert Guillory on why he recently switched to the Republican party and left the Democrat party.

Elbert Guillory:


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